Chicago by little_profiler

Rated: G • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Derek has to go back to Chicago – undercover to solve a rough case.

Cold and discomfort by little_profiler

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: The prompt was "I want you to leave right now, stay far away from me, and don't come near me again. We're not going to get involved. Last night was last night, and it's all there was, and it's all there is. There isn't going to be anything more between us. So please. Goodbye, good luck, no conversation, just leave." from North by Northwest

Sequel to ‘Warmth and comfort’. So you might want to read that first but you don’t have to.

Collision Course by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Tweaking of ep 12x14 - Of the eponymous title.
Ofc this making this fic a fully Garvez HEA one.

Come Back To Me by Morbidmuch

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: She smiled at the sight of the young man in the corner watching her every move, and he smiled back. Reid/OC

Comfort Food and Friends by Daisyangel

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: Hotch/Prentiss, JJ/Reid undertones. Emily goes through a difficult time in her life and Hotch and the team are there to help her. This includes Jack!

Comic by rogueandkurt

Rated: G • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: The members of the BAU have a discussion about heroes.

Constant Cravings by Pari

Rated: G • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Morgan and Garcia's friendship is tested to its limits, can they survive their latest turmoil and remain friends. Especially when there are outside forces trying to pull them apart.

Damaged Genius by Athena

Rated: 18 • 7 Reviews
Summary: What if the FBI assigned another genius to the BAU, what if this one is only 15 but seems so much older. Will the team accept him and help him with his haunted past or will he remain in his lonely existence. Will he finally escape the hold the FBI has over him and regain some semblance of freedom?

Dark of Night by kavileighanna

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Victim seemed to be her middle name. First Cyrus, now this. Emily was starting to wonder if it would ever stop.

Dark Road by little_profiler

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: Songfic based on the song of Annie Lennox. I've been carrying this idea around for a while and this is what the song from the promo for 'Penelope' made me come up with.

What are you willing to sacrifice for the life of your friend?