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Garvez: The Crash by Pari

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: A plane crash in the snow-covered Denali Mountain with no rescue coming, the lone survivors must brave the brutal elements and try to trek down the mountain to safety. Will they make it or will the weather, wildlife, or very dangerous trail do them in?

Garvez: Tabula Rasa by Pari

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: I just really hate CME and its writers right now and how they fucked us over in this new reboot. So, we shall write things the way I want them and feel they should have been. And I encourage and sincerely hope other Garvez fans will do the same. I look forward to reading all the amazing Garvez stories to come!

A GarVez Ficlet: Penelope Nightingale by Pari

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: Penelope becomes a momma bear and shows it's not a good idea to mess with her friends/family.

A GarVez Ficlet: Tyler Green Is A Bad Man by Pari

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: I think the title says it all. I am still upset by what went on in Season 16, Episode 6: True Convictions. And if the folks in charge over at CME can't get it together I will just write it the way that I want it to be. I hope you enjoy the read.

It started with a bang... by LilP7

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: 16x06 re-imagined Garvez style

Taking a chance by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: PG unwittingly attends the wrong birthday party.
A secret is revealed.
She confronts the secret keeper before feelings and smut are shared.
A quick visit from a couple of BAU friends and Roxy being the linchpin in her owner's love life as usual.

Penny by Pari

Rated: NC-17 • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is a crossover fic with Criminal Minds TV series and the movie called 'No One Lives'. I love Luke Evans in 'No One Lives' he makes an otherwise blah movie enjoyable as the deliciously crazy bad guy, and what motivated him. How even a monstrous psychopath can love. And I thought why not do a crossover with one of my favorite TV Shows in celebration of its reboot, 'Criminal Minds: Evolution'. In this fic, Secrets from Garcia's past come back to haunt her.

Helping him through the storm by LilP7

Rated: NC-17 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Luke's PTSD resurfaces after a case goes wrong. A view into how Garcia tries to help him. Angst and feelings' revelations mixed in.

Steady On Alvez! by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: PG is feeling restless.
Once she meets him at the elevator, her memory starts to fill in the gaps.
Smut implied, dreamt and explicit all make an appearance.
Still there's time for some angst and sharing of feelings.

The Proposal by LilP7

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: PG discovers she's preggers. She enlists Morgan and Abuela Alvez's help. A revelation and a question are asked. Plus the rest of the BAU fam make an appearance.