What if… ?_______CM/E Garvez as it could've (should've) been by LilP7
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Summary: Yep, this is the beginning of another Series.rnThis story was prompted over in Ci*M, but I think it fits better in here.rnThe new Series is called:rn'What if… ?_______CM/E Garvez as it could've (should've) been'rnrnPretty self explanatory really. These Fics will b based/borrow from the Eps themselves. As usual they will be written with a Garvez HEA.rnThey r not "fix-it" per se. They r just my musings, pondering as to what could've been.rnI'm paraphrasing from the summary for the Marvel Series which inspired me:rn'Reimagining noteworthy events in the Garvez Universe and creating a multiverse of infinite possibilities.'
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Collision Course by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Tweaking of ep 12x14 - Of the eponymous title.
Ofc this making this fic a fully Garvez HEA one.

It started with a bang... by LilP7

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: 16x06 re-imagined Garvez style

Vitiosa Memoria by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Overall:
87WW prompt was:
***Suggestion: one of them gets amnesia, remembers only the other person. Who in turn takes care of them after the case. Which leads to confessing that they've always wanted that domestic life together***

This is my take on it.
*LPA is the amnesiac in this case; eventually there could be a v2 with PG taking on that mantle.

Angst/fluff/Humour/Smut all mixed in just for fun!
??pls read notes & tags for relevant warnings