Name: LilP7 (Signed) · Date: Jul 14, 2023 - 05:21 am · For: Chapter 1
So, I thought I'd buy some, you know, to show my support."
Sure????it's all abt the charity...

Luke casually lied and took another sip of his beer in an attempt to relay that it wasn't a big deal, but Matt knew better.
So, trust me when I tell you that Penelope Garcia is definitely into you, but she's been hurt in the past. And she's got some hang-ups when it comes to certain types of guys asking her out.
"She likely saw how nervous you were and misinterpreted that as 'you' not being interested in her, and so she decided to beat you to the punch.
spouting poetry,"
. /.
Yeah, I heard you and I also 'saw' the way you two were looking at each other.
????????????sooo true!!!
????????????I miss dreamy, wise Matt Simmons even more now!!!

??‘???‘???‘?great story

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