10 Longest Stories

One of Your Own by kavileighanna

Rated: G • 11 Reviews Liked
Summary: A freak attack leaves an agent in the hospital, but the recovery is always the hardest part.

Drawn In Slow Strokes by Pink Siamese

Rated: AO: Adults Only • 33 Reviews Liked
Summary: A break-in, a song, a note left on the coffee table: with these things George Foyet insinuates himself into Emily’s life, triggering a long slow seductive journey deep into the darkness of her own mind, her past, and her soul. Winner of a 2010 Criminal Minds Fanfic Award (Best Work-In-Progress, 2nd Place).

Worries, hesitancy and too much thinking by little_profiler

Rated: G • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is what in my humble opinion should have happened after 'True Night'. Yep, it ignores current story lines including Kevin Lynch. :D

Considering the genres, it's a little bit of everything - and mostly fluff in later chapters.

Loser Lynch by little_profiler

Rated: G • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: The prompt was #17 Tiwaz (victory and success in any competion)

Part 1/? of the 'Loser Lynch' series. Written for my wonderful beta-reader Gretchen who also suggested the title. It took me long enough to come up with a story that fits it.

Adore: A GarVez Fic by Pari

Rated: NC-17 • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set after Season 14, Episode 6. Where I'd like Luke and Garcia's relationship to progress. Writing this as ideas pop into my head. Maybe a long one, maybe a short one. Stay tuned. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

First published on FF.net on Nov 9th, 2018

Water Goddess by Pink Siamese

Rated: AO: Adults Only • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: The Cell/Criminal Minds crossover. Rhiannon Heath, ER nurse and part-time piercer, is forcibly drawn into Carl Stargher's strange, erotic, and violent world. A year and a half later, Carl is unconscious and the BAU follows a trail of bleached bodies straight into Rhiannon's past. AU. Nominated for a 2010 Criminal Minds Fanfic Award.

Don't leave me this way by little_profiler

Rated: G • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: Sequel to 'Worries, hesitancy and too much thinking'. Maybe they had hesitated too long and now there was no chance they'd get another try.

For better or worse by little_profiler

Rated: G • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: Sequel-sequel to Twelve hours and Nightmares and other after effects. Penelope is ill and refuses to tell Derek what’s wrong with her.
At first it looks like they're both in heaven - until all hell breaks loose.

Vengeance by kavileighanna

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: Chicago seemed a thing of the past, a cold case that would only haunt her nightmares. Then Leah shows up in Washington and Emily is thrown into the case all over again.

Love and prejudice by little_profiler

Rated: G • 1 Reviews
Summary: They've been best friends for years. One of them is a player and the other one in a serious relationship. But what if one of them starts to feel more than just friendship?