10 Smallest Series

R.O.F.L. - Reid's Ongoing Fanciful Love by pariswriter

Rated:1 Reviews Liked
Summary: A series of casefics containing the subplot of a much-needed romance for everyone's favorite Boy Genius.

Years Go By by kavileighanna

Rated:11 Reviews Liked
Summary: If there's one thing you can always count on, it's family.

Once Upon A Time... by The Black Horse

Rated:103 Reviews Liked
Summary: In this series there are a sequence of stories that involve Morgan and Garcia,Plus other people.

Morgan & Garcia: Trials and Tribulations by Pari

Rated:0 Reviews
Summary: This will be a serial surround my faves Morgan and Garcia, simple trials and tribulations that they go through together. Will it make them stronger or tear them a part?

Twelve hours by little_profiler

Rated:3 Reviews Liked
Summary: My 'Twelve hours' series, three more than one chapter stories about my all-time favorite TV-ship.

24 runes by little_profiler

Rated:2 Reviews Liked
Summary: All stories were written for http://community.livejournal.com/24_runes

Post-Ep Fantasies by kavileighanna

Rated:0 Reviews
Summary: Series of Emily/Hotch themed stories starting from 3x02 "In Name and Blood". rnrnHotch can't seem to control his thoughts about none other than Emily Prentiss.

TV Prompt Challenge Fics by kavileighanna

Rated:1 Reviews
Summary: Consolidated collection of the fics stemming from the TV Prompt Challenge on fanfiction,net

Love hurts by little_profiler

Rated:0 Reviews
Summary: Four oneshots all written for the hurt/comfort challenge on LJ belonging to one mini series.

10 hurt/comfort challenge by little_profiler

Rated:4 Reviews Liked
Summary: All stories in this series have been written for http://community.livejournal.com/10_hurt_comfort.