Emily Prentiss
The daughter of high-powered diplomats who recently joined the team and must prove her worth to Hotchner


01010000.01100101.01101110. by Pari

Rated: G • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: Underground computer hackers are turning up missing, when one of their own is lost the BAU must find out why.

A Simple Costume by kavileighanna

Rated: NC-17 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Halloween brought out the weirdness in everyone.

About Each Other by kavileighanna

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: There's so much they don't know about each other and so much they'd very much like to learn.

And in the end…there’s always a beginning… by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: ?***UPDATED- There are 2 Chp in the work now***
Chp 1- No Date
Part of the What if series taking a look at what could’ve happened after 15x10. That date never actually materialised…and yet… there’s still a HEA.

Belle of the Ball by kavileighanna

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: She didn't believe it would ever happen to her. Then she stopped looking.

Best Decision by kavileighanna

Rated: G • 0 Reviews
Summary: In a job where the thing they value most is personal privacy, sometimes opening up to someone is the best decision you can make.

Birthright by kavileighanna

Rated: NC-17 • 0 Reviews
Summary: He had some decisions to make. What did it mean for him? And what did it mean for him and Emily?

Casanova by Beccabo

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: The BAU is on their home turf as they help the DC Metro Police Department find a killer who calls himself 'Casanova'. But the lead detective on the case is not happy to have them around, until one of their own becomes a victim. Hotch/OC pairing.

Changes are amongst us by spikewil

Rated: NC-17 • 2 Reviews
Summary: After a bomb everybodies life changed physically. Now, five years later, they are living it.

Changing Things by The New Nightingale

Rated: G • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: An insight into the final scene in 'A Higher Power' and the budding friendship/romance that I see happening between Morgan and Prentiss. Very, very slight M/P.