Conceptualizations in M (with the occasional *E*)! by LilP7
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Summary: Anyhoo, I had envisioned this as the start of a series of works dealing with one shot, shorter (as short as I can be that is) stories about Garvez. These not necessarily connected, the only shared thread being that they would all have smut taking a centre/more prominent stage in the plot - most *M*, possibly some *E* rated ones. These could b origin stories as well as showing them at various stages of their relationship. Some will share the core plot but will have different outcomes- something I am sure we r all too familiar with. We get a central story but so many possible ideas for outcomes- so I shall try to explore a couple of those. These could b from any time in the CM and yes, even CME (but ofc with a Garvez HEA twist) series.rn????????????I would be grateful to hear ppl thoughts abt it. Perhaps suggestions for stories if u would like (Garvez only ofc???? with some no- no subjects- i.e. I wouldn't write them cheating). I already have a few ideas, but since I enjoyed developing 87WW's suggestion into 'TNTM', it may be fun to b challenged again.rnCan't guarantee timings or that u would approve of the end results, but I will try my best????????????
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A new post case tradition? by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: LPA turns up at PG's post case seeking comfort from a friend.
There is a chaste sleepover.
Though the morning after turns out quite differently for both.
There is, what I hope does come across, as humour, fluff, (very little) angst and definite smut.

Eldgos (Volcanic Eruption) by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: My attempt to fulfill the Prompt Snails kindly suggested:
***maybe movies and blanket cuddles/fondling on the couch sometime?***

Yes, ofc Garvez.
Yes, ofc some smut - that was the whole idea behind the series ????

Dear Morgan,...(Eldgos - Part Deux) by LilP7

Rated: AO: Adults Only • 0 Reviews
Summary: A work inspired by Eldgos (Volcanic Eruption).
Though it can b read independently.
Sophybubbles commented that there could be a 2nd parter, so…here it is.
There's way more smut (hence *E*).
Still, it's me writing Garvez, plus I need to make up for Pt 1 where these are not spoken.
So expect them to share a few feelings.

Our Fave ????? plays the (sexy) 'Agony Aunt' (hence the title) that guides our plucky PG to finally be Crystal clear (with a C and 1xL????) in regards to her intentions with our fretting LPA.

You Hack, then I Feast (aka- when She talked Nerdy to Him) by LilP7

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: LPA is stuck on desk duties so he becomes PG's lab partner.
Well, let's just say HR won't b happy with what happens after work hours (and a bit during).

Smut with feels????