6x07: Middle Man 2.0 by Pari

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Chapter Notes: Author’s Note: I wanted to take a moment to thank all those who are following these little drabbles. I apologize that this one is so short but I have a lot of paperwork, worked related, that I have to tend to for the next few days. I actually hadn’t planned to write this up tonight, but something in the eppy inspired me. So I hope you enjoy and review
She sipped at the fresh, steaming cup of tea as she entered her office, but stopped suddenly in surprise at the man standing in her small office. “Hey,” She greeted with a small smile as she stood just in the doorway. “I thought you guys were leaving.”

“We are, Hotch had some issues with the babysitter, so we’ve been delayed for a few minutes. The others are already heading out to the jet, I told them I forgot something.”

“Yeah right, you just wanted to make an entrance?” She teased as she giggled a bit and moved past him to her desk, where she settled the cup of tea. “So what did you forget?’ She asked as she turned back to face him, only to stumble back by his body slamming into her, as he smashed his mouth upon hers. “Mmmmm,” She moaned out as her eyes voluntarily drifted shut and she melted into the strong arms that enveloped her. She allowed herself to get lost in the feel and taste of him for a moment, unsure of how long their latest case would take, how long it would be before she got to see him, touch him, taste him again. “We’re not being professional,” She whispered right after she pulled back, her eyes slowly opened to look up into his.

“I know, sorry,” He insincerely apologized as he released her and then took a step back from her, but traced his fingers gently across her neck before pulling his hand back behind his back. “I just wanted to give you something before I left.” He pulled out a small royal blue velvet box and handed it to her, and her smile broadened and she took it and began opening it. Then she giggled out a bit at the contents. “I saw them and even though it’s not ‘exactly’ what I would have liked it was close enough.” She hurriedly began removing the earrings she had in her ears and replaced them with the ones in the velvet box.

“Thank you, they’re perfect.”

“You’re perfect.” Morgan announced as he stared at Garcia intensely. They held each other’s eyes for a few seconds, silently speaking their endearments. The ringing of Morgan’s cell suddenly ended the intimate moment. “Morgan…Yeah I’m on my way,” He then clicked the phone off. “I gotta go.” He said in a despairing tone.

“I know, go be free my love.” She echoed a sentenced she had said to him years before and it sent an instantly shot of déjà vu through him.

“The last time you said that to me was the first time I told you that I love you, you remember that?” Morgan asked and Garcia nodded her head slightly.

“I remember,” She bowed her head coyly and he reached out and hooked his fingers just under her chin and lifted her eyes back to level with his.

“You know I’m in love with you right?” He asked and she was struck in awe and her stomach became filled with flutters same as when she had heard his amicable declaration of love a couple of years before.

“I’m in love with you too.” She replied through trembling lips. A huge, wide smile spread across Morgan’s face and he threw out a wink and then left out. She stared after him for a few seconds before her legs seemed to buckle beneath her, and she was grateful that her chair was right there. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself as she turned to face her monitors and readied to work on their case. She briefly brushed her fingers over the earring dangling from her left ear, tracing the word, ‘SWEETIE’.
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