Abuela's 911 by LilP7

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Story Note:

***posted earlier on AO3
I've tried my best, but there might be some ENG-UK spelling and parlance bleeding through.
A couple of thanks:
-Thanks to Sensei Snailsandpuppydogtails for her tutelage and support on my 1st Fic. This wouldn't have happened without you. I hope I won't let u down;
-Thanks and homage paid to Bow_is_best_boi. A fave author of mine and a very supportive influence. I hope u won't mind me paying u homage by way of: using Pablo as LA's middle name -this taken from one of yr Fics; using first and last name in convo since u mentioned u r fond of those.
-Homage to 87WW: using a sassy, all knowing Abuela in my fic. I always love reading these in any fics. But Abuela Flor holds a special place in mi corazón??–?.
-Thanks to Pari_Nicole. An inspiration with her valiant efforts to keep us in Garvez Fics & YouTube Vids.
-A Thank you to all Garvez writers for keeping us afloat during the winter break and all the readers for actively encouraging writers to keep sharing
She was bent over, hands on knees, panting and heaving. Having just ran up 2 flights of stairs from the parking garage to his floor.

She had pressed the button to call for the elevator, but when 10 seconds later there was no response, nor noise, she knew she had to run as she had never (quite literally) done before.

She took a few seconds to gather her breath and off she was again towards his apartment.

The initial dread not having left her. Just growing inside of her like a thousand knots, constricting and making it harder for her to breathe or move.

Even more images now crossing her mind.

What would she find when she reached his apartment? Was he hurt? How badly? Would he still even be alive? Would she have time to tell him?

Who could have done this?

There weren't any open cases for the past couple of weeks. As far as she knew, all the 'Big Bads' had been captured, or killed, so they were relatively safe for once in a long time.

Hold on a fraking second , she was hurtling towards his door, but she hadn't yet called for back up.

What was she doing? Who did she think she was? Diana Prince?

All she knew for certain, was that he could be in immediate danger and he needed her. That all reason, all logic flew out the window as soon as she read that text message and his phone went unanswered. So now was definitely not the time to second guess herself, not when she was so close to him. For him , she could do anything. Be anything. Stare down any monster.

Hell, she had somehow already made it here, not sure how she avoided any injuries or damages to herself, others and any public property.

So when she found herself in the stretch of corridor leading up to his door, she didn't slow down. She actually sped up and threw herself, shoulder first at his door.

"Fudge, that hurts!" She yelped, landing back, derrière hitting the hard floor. How did they make it look so easy on TV, or her teammates in the field for that matter?

Undeterred, his safety was at stake after all, she stood up, shook the pain off, took a few steps back and charged at his door once again.

This time you will yield, damn it!

He had heard a commotion and a loud 'thump' in the hallway outside his apartment, so he decided to investigate.

He went to his front door and opened it.

He was then startled at the sight in front of him.

A very determined, blond, rainbow coloured bomb was flying towards - at - him.

Though slightly blurry, he realized this could only be one person. Garcia.

Instinctively, as she was already airborne, he went into protector mode. He braced himself for impact, catching her head between his hands as tenderly as he could and trying to encapsulate her body into his to minimize any injury to her. That meant though, that his own body was left to take the brunt of the fall. As they landed on the hard tiled floor, he managed to keep his head from banging into it.

Unfortunately, as he lifted it to avoid that, he struck the leg of the small table in his entrance hallway. Thankfully, this rocked, but did not fall, however a small metal unicorn figurine she had gifted him ( it will bring him luck, she had said! ) fell causing a little gash on top of his left eye brow. He was glad that was the only injury sustained as that thing was sharp. He made a mental note to smooth the edges down as soon as he had a chance.

"Oh my God Newbie…who did this to you? Luke. Oh my God. Who did this to you? " She was screaming in his face, tears freely flowing from her eyes whilst touching where the little spilled blood had pooled.

"Ow… ow… YOU did this…owww …that's gonna bruise-" he started saying, but it didn't get her attention.

" I swear on all that is Unicorn and shiny, I WILL AVENGE YOU " She interrupted him.

" Garcia !" He tried again to no avail.

"No, no save your strength, I am here now,

I swear I will avenge you.

I will avenge you and Roxy…" .

"Oh my God, I almost forgot about her." A look of horror took over her face as she started to call out for her favorite canine in a panicked voice.

She had now pulled herself up in a sitting position, ending up straddling him.

Hearing the fear in her voice, Roxy jumped in her hold.

She started rocking her sweet girl in her arms checking for injuries as she whispered "you are ok now" in her ears over and over again. Still oblivious to everything else that was going on around her.

She was brought back to reality by his loud cough trying to get her attention. She finally looked down at him. Still laying on the floor under her , but now with his elbows bent so his head and chest were raised a little.

"Hey Chica" He smirked. "As much as I am enjoying this position, and as much as Roxy is enjoying being gently rocked in your arms, I'd rather not embarrass myself in front of my Abuela" He winked, briefly looking down at where she was sitting, before tilting his head towards the other person in the apartment.

Still a little confused she looked down at him and realized -well felt - what he meant .

She quickly let go of Roxy and stood up.

"A little help here? "

The initial shock now almost passed, she held out her hand and helped him off the floor.

She was about to speak, when he asked curtly:

"What were you thinking, trying to Hulk your way through my door like that? And by the way, I gave you a ke y for when you come and check in on Roxy. You could've used that if you were so desperate to barge in."

Affronted at his lack of politeness and understanding of the ordeal she had just gone through, granted as it seemed she might have misinterpreted a thing or two but still , she replied in kind.

"Excuse me!?! I was not Hulking. First of all, I've seen my Chocolate Thunder in action often enough to learn a thing or two about breaching an unsub location. Now , I might have also learned I need the same upper body strength as well, but that's neither here nor there -we live and learn!- … second…ummm…Well, it is all your fault Newbie! You'd think a Supervisory Special Agent would know better than send such a text message and then go incommunicado just like that. I tried calling you multiple times to ask you to explain the text. It kept going straight to voicemail. Eventually even Sergio looked at me as if to say 'GO SAVE MY FURRY SISTER NOW!' What was I supposed to do? I grabbed both first aid boxes (one for humans and one for furry friends), jumped in Esther and rushed to the rescue. So, really, you should thank me for saving your life… at least potentially saving it! Had you been in trouble, my actions would be deemed heroic and not scrutinized for how well the breach was executed. Sonnets would be written about me !" She humphed.

"What text message? I haven't been able to find my phone in hours and then I got distracted with my Abuela…"

He suddenly turned towards the older lady in the room. Now standing just a few paces from them with a smirk on her face and, if he didn't know better ( did he though? ), he could swear, enjoying what was unfolding in front of her.

"Oh I'm so sorry" Abuela then said, with that same dimpled smile he had inherited. "I couldn't find my glasses. I have seen my grandchildren and great grandchildren texting and usually they're all emojis and pictures.

What, did I not choose the right ones? Doesn't 911 mean 'I would like to have a chat'? And good news, I found your cell Nieto" She now handed him his phone, showing the last message sent.

Txt: 911- ????????????????????????????????

"Dios mio Abuela! What kind of message is this supposed to be? You scared the shit out of her. She must have been worried sick when she received it.Not to mention she could've hurt herself. It could've been so much worse-"

"Luke Pablo Alvez! That is no way to speak to your Abuela. The woman that gave up the best years of her life to make sure you and your siblings would have some stability during your father's years of service. And this is how you repay her? Apologize this instant! " Penelope scolded him.

The words he spoke actually replayed in his head, the horror sinking in of how he had addressed her. He sheepishly turned towards her, hand rubbing the back of his head, with a voice as soft and apologetic as it could be:

"Perdoname Abuela. I didn't mean to be rude. I don't know what came over me, I got flustered. I guess that unicorn hit me harder than I thought!?!"

She squeezed his cheek and smiled softly at him. "Don't worry Mijo. I understand. You were worried about your friend . It's all forgotten, but you may need to call Padre Juan later and ask for penance. Just in case!" She winked.


Of all her grandkids, he had always been the quietest and most respectful. He had also been through extensive training, both in the Army and the Bureau, that taught him how to remain cool under pressure. Not that she was bragging, but she knew Luke was one of the best, if the ample commendations he had received were anything to go by.

So she had been slightly taken aback at his reaction. Though, she thought to herself, this was exactly why she really wanted to meet this girl in person. The only one, as far as she could tell, that could invoke such strong feelings in him and throw him off-kilter. The one that had contacted her not long after he had joined their team, with a plea to keep it a secret between them, and kept in touch throughout the years. Asking for her hot chocolate recipe so that she could brew it for him on those hard cases or when he was having a bad day in general. Asking about her opinion for birthday/holiday/'cheer him up' presents, adamant to get it just right. The way she had explained it,she didn't really care about him - no offense , but she had a reputation as the best gift giver to uphold ( even if slight cheating may be involved ). She didn't really want to waste the money she would end up investing anyway and it wasn't good for the environment either, she had surmised once. Plus she had made a promise to her best friend that she would try and be friendlier to him. And if Mrs Alvez had ever met that friend, she had explained to her, she would understand why she couldn't refuse him. The girl that apparently had captured her grandson's elusive and guarded heart and soul, even though he seemed not to know it yet himself. Although, from his demeanor, she guessed, it was probably fear holding him back more than a lack of understanding of his feelings for the girl. For all the strength and self assertiveness he exuded when it came to most aspects of his life, she knew he had a softer side too. She had seen him bury his emotions so deep in order to deal with his past jobs, that he often forgot they were still there. Only allowing them to tentatively bubble to the surface every so often. Unfortunately, it did not always end well for him. Her own heart breaking for him when she heard of Phil's, his best friend, murder and how his then living in girlfriend thought that was the best time to give him an ultimatum. She never really cared much for that girl . The one that never made any attempt to know him better, even if she was supposed to like him, love him. The one that always seemed to be too busy whenever there was a family gathering, thus no one had ever really met her. A few short, polite greetings over the phone when she happened to pick up for him were the extent of their conversations.

But this bubbly blond, she was definetly something else, something special. She seemed to seamlessly have inserted herself in his life. Making an effort to keep in touch with his family through her. She had told her how she had realized pretty quickly how much he valued his Abuela and that she was one of the most important people in his life. The best 'inside woman', as they had laughed once, whether for new material to tease him or inside knowledge on how to best help him through rough patches. She had also made a point to make herself available to reciprocate with any favor she or their family may need. And she had indeed upheld her promise multiple times over the years. Again, pleading with her to keep it between themselves. Not wanting him to think she had gone soft on him, she elucidated once.

The girl that was not taking from, but enriching his life, allowing him to comfortably accept new possibilities. Reminding him he was worthy to love and be loved for who he was.

She had been able to read between the lines whenever they each contacted her about the other. Wondering whether she was the only one privy to the fact that each was as oblivious of the other's, and their own, growing feelings for one another.

Luke had started mentioning her straight away after he joined the BAU. How he thought she was brilliant, smart and effortlessly kind. He soon had told her though, how much she disliked him. Detailing each encounter, especially those by the elevator, as proof of his losing battle to make friends. After his Abuela reminded him that he seemed to thrive on challenges and the chase, he had made it his mission to bring down his (because she seemed to reserve this part of her just for him ) Queen of Ice's fluffy armour. Calling with regular updates whenever he felt he had made a chink in it. Of course, he would tell his Abuela, he didn't really care for the girl. Ok yes, he acknowledged it ( only to his Abuela mind you), she was the most beautiful person -body and soul - he had ever met. But what he was doing had nothing to do with any interest in his part. It was just a challenge, a way to get under her skin since she was intent on being cold and aloof towards him.

As time passed, she had noticed when their perspectives shifted.

She had to bite her tongue on so many occasions, whether talking to him or her.

I mean, they were both adults and they should bloody well ( she asked for forgiveness at the language that her thoughts took ) know what was happening between them, right!?!

She couldn't be the only one to realise how their opinion of the other went from slight contempt to deep admiration and affection. She was quite sure, an all encompassing love for one another. Both sounding afraid that their frosty beginnings had tainted the other's view forever. Both were so jaded by previous relationships that they didn't want to risk losing the friendship that had blossomed between them and they both had finally admitted to.

Alas, she was not getting any younger and she really wanted to see Luke finally get the happiness he really deserved.

So what harm could a little meddling do?

That's how she rationalized her decision to gently push things along. So yes, maybe the content of the text message had not been quite as unintentional as she had made it out to be. But hey, it got them in the same room, right!?!


Her reverie was broken by Penelope finally addressing her directly

"Tita?" she half exclaimed half asked.

As the older lady smiled at her with her arms extended expectantly, Penelope quickly rushed into her embrace.

"It's sooo good to finally meet you in person Tita."

"You too, nieta, you too"

"Wait. What? How do you two know each other?" Asked a baffled Luke.

Abuela was the first to speak "Penny - NO you may NOT call her that - and I have been phone friends since you joined the BAU. As a matter of fact, she has been very supportive and helpful over these past few years. Especially whenever you were hurt and I felt unable to be of any assistance from so far away. She always made sure she kept me apprised of your progress. She also helped me so much when your Abuelo passed away. She set everything up for me so that I could be part of her online grief support group. And, oh so many other wonderful things she has done for the whole family. She really is a treasure!"

He turned to her speechless. She was avoiding his gaze. Looking to the floor and blushing timidly as he had never seen her before. God, could she be any more perfect ?

"You did all that for my family? But you barely tolerate me-" He had started teasing.

"Well, Newbie , as annoying and unlikable as you are, Tita is your polar opposite. Hasn't the woman suffered enough after having to raise and deal with you all your life? "

"She was overdue some respite and kindness, thus enter yours truly" She smiled whilst waving at herself and taking a little bow.

"But you, neither of you, ever told me…" He said, pouting and feeling slightly betrayed by the omission. "Does this mean you actually thought of me as a friend all along? "

" OMG Alvez! You're so vain! I knew you would make this all about you! You see Tita, what I've had to put up with all these years? " She asked her with an eye roll.

Luke though had other ideas.

"Ohhh no!" He exclaimed, flailing his arms about. "She is my Tita. You don't get to claim her after being rude to me. Tell her Abuela. Tell her you see what I had to put with all these years and… -"

"Mijo, what I see is two people that need to learn to communicate with each other directly. No in betweens, no fear, no excuses. Now, I love the both of you very much, so believe me I have the best intentions when I say this. STOP behaving like petulant children, get your act together and be honest about your feelings. Now you know I do not like to swear. But I believe that Morgan - and Penny you were right, the man is a dream- said it best. You two need to get your heads out of your as… well I can't say it, but I am sure you two are smart enough to be able to fill in the blanks" At this point she had to force herself to bring her voice back to her normal decibel and she found the need to compose herself a little.

Only these two could bring her to such desperation. Now that she had experienced the Garvez effect (as their de-facto family had dubbed it) live for herself, she spared a thought for their poor team mates having to deal with their antics day in and day out!

She adjusted her cardigan, gave each a prolonged and pointed look - at least they had the good sense to look thoroughly ashamed of themselves- before starting to move towards the front door.

Whilst holding the handle on the outside she turned towards them again, now in a more calm way and tone.

"Roxy, come on girl." She waited for the dog to reach her before continuing. "Now then. We are going to Mrs Cortés on the third floor. We are going to watch 'our programs' and have tea for the next couple of hours. I believe that should give you enough time to have an honest conversation and clarify a few things? When I come back, you can then both take me to dinner and give me the good news ? "

Luke and Penelope simply nodded their heads, knowing it was best to keep quiet until she left.

Now that they were alone, a loud silence fell between them. Both afraid to speak first. They were fidgeting, not looking at each other and unsure how to broach any of the subjects Abuela had pointed out.

Luke opted to busy himself picking up the first aid boxes and some of the spilled contents that still lay strewn across his hallway from when Penelope had propelled herself at his door in her misguided attempt to save him. He couldn't help himself but smile at the thought of her intrepidly throwing herself into a dangerous situation thinking he and Roxy needed saving. Casting fleeting, shy glances in her direction every so often trying to gauge her reaction to all that had happened.

For her part. She was standing as if frozen, where she had been when his Abuela had left. Her head bowed, a quiet stillness that started to worry him.

"Listen Chica, " He tried to sound as calm and reassuring as he could. "I'm sorry about all this. For what now clearly seems to have been a ruse planned by my Abuela for whatever reason. I know she meant well. But I am also sure she misunderstood our relation- well friendship. I am also sure she doesn't understand -well she doesn't know you well enough to see that you would have reacted the same way for any of us on the team-"

Her snapping her head up staring at him made him stop mid stride and lose himself in her earnest look.

She let out a sad, defeated chuckle as she shook her head slowly.

"Oh Newbie, my Newbie" She continued softly. "Therein lies the rub, as they say. She seems to have me pegged just right"

''Does she you? " She asked, hopeful, yet fearful of his answer.

He stood there, staring back, mouth agape.

After a couple of minutes she spoke again.

"Ok then, " She said trying to sound her best sassy self, holding back the tears she could feel rising to her eyes "good talk. But I think I better go now. Please apologize to your Abuela for me bailing on dinner and tell her I'll call her later".

As she started to walk away from him, she felt his hand on her wrist. Forceful in his hold, but not hurtful. He then closed the remaining distance between them, taking a couple of steps behind her. Still holding her, he wrapped his and her arm around her waist, setting their interlaced hands on her belly. Now clasping her in his arms. Keeping her facing away from him, too afraid to look at her, to show his raw emotions. Not wanting to look weak in front of the person he wanted to be his strongest and best self for.

He now spoke almost in a whisper, trepidant, wanting to get his words just right.

"Shit!" He swore at himself. "I'm sorry, I've never been good at this…" Great start Alvez, he admonished himself .

He felt a slight vibration, feeling, more than hearing, that she was giggling. He let out an audible sigh, relaxing his hold on her, almost losing his grip altogether.

Realizing he may have misconstrued her reaction, Penelope acted quickly.

She grabbed his hand again, holding his arm around her waist firmly. With her free hand she reached up on the back of his head, his forehead now resting on the nape of her neck, and lightly caressed his soft curls. His warm breath sending chills down her spine with every exhale.

In the most encouraging voice she could muster she then said "Don't worry. Take your time. I mean, we've been at this for more than 4 years. I'm sure a few more minutes won't make that much of a difference".

She felt him relax into his sweet smile on her skin.

They were once again enveloped in silence, this time though, it was serene and soothing. Helped by their closeness and the feeling of safety that emanated from their mutual touch.

He took another deep breath and resumed his speech, hoping he could convey his true feelings.

"After what happened to Phil and how things ended with Lisa, I think I'm even more damaged than ever. And I know that if I were to ever lose you, if I ever did anything that would make you leave me…" He had to stop and clear his voice, sobs making their way up his throat threatening to spill and ruin his delivery "I know it would break me beyond repair. I would never recover. I chased you, your friendship for so long that once I attained it, I was in too deep. It had been too late for me to understand how it had affected me. The way I fell head over heels in love with you in the process of having you like me. How I allowed myself to open up and be around you. You made me want to be the best version of myself. With you, with others, but always for you. You reminded me there was still a chance for me to be happy. To be loved. At that point, I thought all you wanted from me was friendship and I was so happy that I could be part of your life that I took anything I could. Only allowing myself to fantasize about us-"

She couldn't help herself "You fantasized about me?"

He let out a small chuckle "Fantasize, dream… whichever is less creepy!?!", "But seriously, Penelope, I am damaged, I don't want- can't - hurt you, nor lose you. You deserve so much better. You deserve the best-"

"So, all I am hearing is that I deserve you then? "

As if it was the most natural thing for him to do so, he kissed the back of her head whilst slightly tightening his grip on her waist.

"Penelope Garcia, can you be serious for a moment? I am trying to tell you that this, you , are the best thing in my life and if you ever agreed to be with me, I know I would never be able to let you go". His voice was unsteady once again. His hold on her loosening again .

" I'm being serious , Luke Alvez ! I made my piece with this a long time ago. You and I that is. I made a promise to the powers that be that I will keep you in my life forever in exchange for granting me unlimited access to the sweetest dog and most loving Tita ever. Forever, is like, a lifelong commitment you know!?! It is a sacrifice, but-"

This time it was her turn to be interrupted.

With his free hand he reached for her jaw, turning her head slowly towards him. His face overtaken by the biggest smile and contented look.

He kissed her nose, looked into her eyes for any signs of lingering doubts. All he saw was certainty and desire. As she closed her eyes in anticipation, he finally kissed her.

His own eyes closed, he felt her turn around in his arms to face him as their kiss deepened.

She still had one hand in his hair, the other now reaching feverishly under his t-shirt for closer contact. Eventually resting on the middle of his back, holding him as tight to her as she could.

He adjusted his hold. One hand slowly moving between her cheek, the back of her head, her neck. The other, moving from her waist, tracing up her side, then back down resting on the small of her back, he too, wanting her as close to him as possible.

They were still in their passionate embrace when the front door opened and Tita came in.

"Ooops, my bad! As you young people would say. Don't mind me, Mrs Cortés ran out of the good biscuits, so I am here on a provision run. Carry on, it's not like I haven't seen it all before. Telenovelas these days are quite racy you know".

They both broke into laughter, Garcia though hiding her blushing face, now buried in his chest. She was still his Catholic Abuela after all. And here she was kissing him passionately and thinking about sinful, yet oh so very delightful, things she wanted to do to her sweet little innocent Nieto.

After raiding the kitchen cabinets, she came back with a tote bag full of refreshments. As she reached where they stood still hugging, she stopped and looked at them with a wide smile.

"So, I believe I got the gist of how your conversation has progressed thus far. I think it is best if I reschedule my flight for later in the week, so we can have that dinner you owe me, tomorrow ."

Luke looked at her confused. "Tita, it's still early, we can still make dinner".

"Oh no!" She replied quite firmly. "You two still need to finish this conversation. Roxy and I will spend the night at Mrs Cortés. So you can get it all out of your system ".

She then winked at them knowingly and closed the door behind her.

"Oh my God!" She cried out in disbelief "Did your Abuela just give you permission to ravage me!?! "

"I think Chica, she gave us permission to explore those fantasies I was talking about… " He replied with a sly grin and suggestive raise of his eyebrows.

"Hey, I thought all former altar boys were good boys! " She said, giggling.

"Oh, but I am a very, very good boy. Let me show you just how good I can be to you ". He replied seductively.

He kissed her again, hungrily this time, before leading her to his bedroom.

God, she thought to herself. I think I'm going to enjoy our next conversation even better!
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