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Nov 28, 2022

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Carlos & The Garcias by LilP7

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Summary: I've expanded LPA's fam quite a bit, so I thought I'll try my hand at PG's. I have a couple of prompts with Carlos in the midst, so I'm gonna start a new series… Carlos & The Garcias. Ofc the main theme is still Garvez but with the added fam.

Conceptualizations in M (with the occasional *E*)! by LilP7

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Summary: Anyhoo, I had envisioned this as the start of a series of works dealing with one shot, shorter (as short as I can be that is) stories about Garvez. These not necessarily connected, the only shared thread being that they would all have smut taking a centre/more prominent stage in the plot - most *M*, possibly some *E* rated ones. These could b origin stories as well as showing them at various stages of their relationship. Some will share the core plot but will have different outcomes- something I am sure we r all too familiar with. We get a central story but so many possible ideas for outcomes- so I shall try to explore a couple of those. These could b from any time in the CM and yes, even CME (but ofc with a Garvez HEA twist) series.rn????????????I would be grateful to hear ppl thoughts abt it. Perhaps suggestions for stories if u would like (Garvez only ofc???? with some no- no subjects- i.e. I wouldn't write them cheating). I already have a few ideas, but since I enjoyed developing 87WW's suggestion into 'TNTM', it may be fun to b challenged again.rnCan't guarantee timings or that u would approve of the end results, but I will try my best????????????

Inspired by CM/CME… by LilP7

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Summary: These works have been inspired by either scenes or themes from eps (CM/E) that are not necessarily PG or LPA centric. OFC here they get the Garvez treatment.

Tita's OG Trilogy by LilP7

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Summary: A Garvez origin story that eventually got fleshed out a bit further. Tita's OC characcter came to life in the 1st part and she gets to come in and impart wisdom in all 3, hence the series being named for her! rnThe BAU Team n Morgan are sprinkled in for fun.

What if… ?_______CM/E Garvez as it could've (should've) been by LilP7

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Summary: Yep, this is the beginning of another Series.rnThis story was prompted over in Ci*M, but I think it fits better in here.rnThe new Series is called:rn'What if… ?_______CM/E Garvez as it could've (should've) been'rnrnPretty self explanatory really. These Fics will b based/borrow from the Eps themselves. As usual they will be written with a Garvez HEA.rnThey r not "fix-it" per se. They r just my musings, pondering as to what could've been.rnI'm paraphrasing from the summary for the Marvel Series which inspired me:rn'Reimagining noteworthy events in the Garvez Universe and creating a multiverse of infinite possibilities.'